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 Imaginary Big Brother!

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PostSubject: Imaginary Big Brother!   August 28th 2011, 1:26 pm

So I was thinking how different thing would have been if Jeff had stuck to his word and not nominated Daniele, and it really would have been different.

Kalia and Porshe would have remained on the block with Kalia likely sent to jury. Because they were on the block, no one would have heard Daniele's speech (at that point dance ). Also, Shelly would never have flipped to save Kalia because face it, the DR never would have worked overtime to save her.

Because Kalia would have been gone, she would not have won HOH.

At this point, there are two scenarios.

1.) Jordan would have won HOH, assuming Daniele would have gone out on the same question as the others.

2.) Or Dani would have won because she would have known the order of Dom's speech.

Assuming Jordan would have won, she would have nominated Dani and Porshe. It would be anyone's guess who would have taken the POV because Dani and Porshe would have both played to the hilt, but let's assume Porshe would have won and removed herself. Then Jordan would have needed a replacement. My guess is that her loyalty would still have been to Adam and Shelly, so I'm guessing that Rachel would have went up. Now here's where it would have gotten interesting. Not a lot of time to campaign so the votes easily could have gone: Porshe - Rachel, Adam - Rachel, Shelly - Rachel, Jordan - Dani.

Assuming Dani would have won, she probably would have stuck to her deal with Jeff and nominated Jordan/Rachel. She would have pulled Jordan aside and assured her that she was not the target.

Porshe may still have won POV, but no matter, Rachel would have gone to jury.

The way I see it is Jeff would have been safe with either of these scenarios.
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Imaginary Big Brother!
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