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What is a DUT
June 10th 2008, 7:56 am by Nancy AABB Admin
The original post was deleted but here is a discussion from the old site.

Here is the original post made that got us rolling with laughter.

Joined: 29 Sep 2007
Posts: 3

Posted: 30 Sep 2007 12:12 am Post subject: Dear Dried Up Twats -


Most of you do not know me, a fact i am supremely pleased about. I expect to be banned after the contents of this post are viewed a few times, so you never will.

I just thought I would drop by and give all of you a friendly greeting. I hope each and every one of you discovers an incurable venereal disease on your rancid and misshapen *****. Truth be told, I doubt any of you vile pigs, each of you more fat and older than the last, could ever manage to find a man willing to stick his dick into any one of the holes he managed to find after rolling you in flour. However I hold out hope that you contract the previously mentioned disease because there is little doubt that such vile and contemptible hags as yourself are not above squating over the used toilets of your favorite houseguests in an attempt to be closer.

I doubt any of you have the mental acumen to read a post longer than a few paragraphs so I will be brief. Each of you wretched hags should take a good long look in the mirror, see past the disgusting pig body and beat red faces and find some fucking dignity. Reclaim your humanity, you ridiculous *****. Find your lives and let the past die.

By the way, Janelle is a drunken skank transvestite and Will was a an androgynous eunuch of a little bitch. The entire notion that someone would touch that foul smelling snatch makes me want to hurl. The fact that any of you reach your fat hands down to your dried up pussies and rub yourself over the notion of these disgusting people hooking up is laughable.

Thatís it. Have a pleasant evening and I genuinely hope that each of you discovers the humanity youíve all s obviously lost.

P.S. I had been hoping that on August 22 the entire lot of you unwashed wildebeasts would choke as you were gorging yourselves of your fucking banana bread. Hope you all die soon!

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Joined: 29 Sep 2007
Posts: 3

Posted: 30 Sep 2007 01:21 am Post subject:


As a side note, this post was directed specifically at Charlette's Web, Helataz, Frances, Beruthiel (Or however the fuck you spell your stupid name), Nicklepickle, Moodswinger, TrueBeliever, Nancy_B (You fucking hypocrite), SDGranny, JFan, JLespo, Goldielocks, Cousin Jack, LuvTV and Lori (You fat ****), Bethany123, GimmeDaRing, Lizbeth, Fendie_Prada

Just so you all know

P.S. I really do hope you you all die soon.

P.P.S Add Lala MN to this list. ****.


The **** came up that way because it is a censored word. It is c*nt or a variation.

Comments: 92
January 13th 2008, 12:05 pm by Nancy AABB Admin
Post your questions about the new site.

Someone will help.

First thing to do is go to your profile and fix it like you want.
The first thing I did was take off PM emails! Also if you want to be notified of a PM
with a popup, be sure to select popups OK if you use one on your browser.

Comments: 294
NEW MEMBERS... say hello
June 27th 2013, 6:50 am by Nancy AABB Admin
Be sure to check your "message" box. †
Welcome to AABB

Comments: 11